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Overview was created for students from the ages of 5 years old and up.  There will be a beginner’s course where students will   learn basic music theory which will transition them into how to play the piano by ear and start playing fun songs such as  Mary Had A Little Lamb and Old McDonald Had A Farm.  Students will then have access to an intermediate class of  over 25 lessons

What you will learn

    • What is music
    • Staffs, Grand Staffs, Clefs and Ledger Lines
    • About the black and white keys on the piano
    • Learn to play Mary Had A Little Lamb
    • Learn to play old Mc Donald Had A Farm
    • Accidentals
    • Pitches and Intervals
    • Difference between a tie and a slur
    • Circles of fifths
    • Key Signatures
    • Time Signatures
    • Tetra chords
    • Diatonic Scales/Major Scales
    • Running Scales
    • Solfege
    • Minor Scales
    • Other Scales
    • What is a Chord
    • Use tables from running scales to form chords
    • Triad Chords
    • Explaining chords ( Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminish, 3, 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, etc.
    • Scale Degrees
    • Modes
    • Chord Inversions
    • Chord Progressions
    • A-B-C group progressions
    • What is a rhythm
    • Learn to play a R&B Song
    • Learn to play a Reggae song
    • Learn to play a Soca Song





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